Recommended Cafe for Foreign Tourists in Mataram

Posted on 2016-11-08 00:54:09

When you come to visit Lombok Island, you should be able to visit some of the Recommended cafe that fit perfectly with the uniqueness that deserves to be visited. Today, the popularity of Lombok seems worth compete with Bali, located not far from this area. During this time, many foreign Tourists know more about Bali as a Tourist Destination than Lombok who did not get a lot of the previous management. However, over time, the local government and the community working to build the Tourism sector in the region with better Lombok including by holding a number of promotions in regional and International scale. These efforts seem to provide some positive impacts in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLombok. This is evident by the increasing number of local and International visitors to enjoy their holidays in the various tourist destinations in Lombok.



Various facilities for accommodation, entertainment, Transportation, and others are also getting more improvements and repairs in order to provide better comfort to the Tourists who come there. One entertainment venue pretty much visited during a vacation on the Island of Lombok is visiting various cafes with varied menus and offerings are worth a try. The cafes are presenting a variety of unique and individual excellence which few among the numerous recommended to the foreign tourists who come to visit Mataram, Lombok. Here are some cafes could be an option for you when visiting Lombok.


Maktal Coffee Bar

This cafe seems to be one of the Recommended cafe when it comes to Mataram. The cafe is located in an area that is easy to reach. Various coffee menus served at this cafe including coffee Lombok typically have a distinctive taste. For those of you who are not a fan of coffee, you can still make this cafe as a place of interesting options to spend time with friends because you can find a menu of food and drinks other than coffee. One of them is the chocolate pancakes. The café offers a comfortable and minimalist. It could be interesting choice to spend time with a friend or spouse, Mataram.


Kedai Giyong

Giyong in Sasak language has a meaning as a swing. The café offers a unique atmosphere with a swing hanging in the shop. The café offers a variety of food and drink menu that varies with the price is quite comfortable in the pocket. It also could be a pretty cafe recommended for foreign tourists because of the uniqueness of the place and the menu offerings available. One of the favorites in the cafe's menu is rice Rinjani and Luwak coffee.


La Chill Bar

This is one of the cafe's most current hits in Mataram and the surrounding region. One of the things that makes this cafe is always crowded is the view presented this cafe is extraordinary. You can enjoy the sunset from the chair in which you sit down and enjoy a variety of culinary offered. This cafe is located right on the edge of Senggigi Beach. The menu is available in the cafe is also quite many different ranging from Indonesian food to Western food. With shades and a stunning view, this cafe seems to be one of the must visit when in Mataram.


The Berugaq Cafe and Gallery

For those of you who love unique places, especially in contact with art, you should not miss to visit the cafe this one. This place does not only serve as a cafe and nice hangout place but also has a gallery displaying works of art with stunning beauty. This could be a nice and recommended cafe when you come to visit Mataram.