Explore Lombok by Riding a Motorcycle

Posted on 2016-10-11 20:33:28


Explore a new place does not mean that you should become a passive person. Lombok will become your favorite island to explore about real heaven in this world. You do not need to drive a car because riding a motorcycle will be better. Lombok is one of the favorite tourism destinations in Indonesia. When you come to this island then you will find many new things. Of course, the traditional culture in Lombok as the biggest magnet to the tourist. They love to see the traditional Sasak tribe house that made from genuine bamboo. They also love to buy some merchandise original from Lombok like pearl.


Explore Lombok will be different while using a motorcycle. You can have closer interaction with local people that will welcome you. You can also explore every village that available there. When you are riding a motorcycle then you will never feel bored. You can stop on your favorite spot then capture the moment you love. You can enjoy the fresh air without need to look for large parking are like when you are driving a car. For you who have limited traveling budget, you can just rent a motorcycle with reasonable price.


Most of the backpacker travelers do the same thing to save their money. The motorcycle rent price is valid for all day long. You can visit many places as you want. You can come to Senggigi and enjoy the Batu Bolong Temple that have calm and peace atmosphere. You can also visit the Segenter village to enjoy the traditional house that has good order. You do not need to worry, by riding a motorcycle then you can still visit the Gili Trawangan. You just need to leave the motorcycle on the safe place. When you come to this favorite place in Lombok, you better stay at tend. Just feel the amazing experiences while sleeping in a nature situation using tend. You can see the beauty of the star light in the night and hear some waves in the sea as the lullaby.


Do not forget to visit the Batu Payung Beach. You can trough to this beach by using motorcycle and enjoy the beauty of the blue sea in front of you. In the morning, just climb to the mountain to feel the warm of the sunrise. You can also come to the traditional market in Lombok and try to buy some traditional food. Do not forget to shop kain tenun Lombok. That is the best tenun that made by traditional way. You can see the local people who made it using their hands. Lombok also has other unique accessories that can be your souvenirs. You can buy some sarong, jewelry, wood sculpture, and other sea souvenirs. Do not forget to bargain the price because the sellers are usually offered too high. Exploring Lombok by motorcycle will give you wonderful holiday moment. You can even stay at local people house and know about their daily life without need to pay. If you need the motorcycle just rent it.