Bike Riding Tips in Indonesia

Posted on 2016-10-29 23:20:43

Motorcycle is the most common vehicle used by Indonesian. Many Tourists follow the same idea; they ride Motorcycle to go to some places they wanted. If you want to go to Indonesia, then you might choose Motorcycle as your transportation choice in the country. However, there are some interesting and important facts you have to know before you go and rent the two-wheel vehicle.


  • You do not need to have International driving license.

In Indonesia, anyone can rent a Motorcycle. So, what the about police? Generally, the policeman would never pull over and ask about your driving license as long as the bike you use is complete. However, if a policeman stops you during your trip, you can go through by paying 100k to 200 thousand rupiah and you will not get a ticket.


  • Lights on 24 hours a day and do not forget to use the turn signals

Indonesia rule stated to each Motorcycle turns on the lights day and night. That is why, most new Bikes do not have light switches. The lights turn on and off automatically when the Engine starts or stops. Do not forget to use the turn signals so people know where you plan on going. Basically, proper driving etiquette here is to pay attention to everyone, especially other Motorcycles.


  • Use your horn

In Indonesia, honking at another driver is something common. If you think that other drivers not see you, use your horn. You also need to use it when passing big vehicles, bicycles or before overtaking other vehicles. The sound of the horn is like a warning signal for other people, so they know you are coming. 


  • Slowdown before railroad crossings and bridges

It is because most those areas are bumpy so, would be dangerous if you drive too fast. However, some bridges are quite smooth.


  • Be aware of potholes, gaps and sinkholes in the pavement

In big cities, such thing occur occasionally. In developed island like java, the roads are quite smooth, but if you go to Borneo or Sumatera, you will find too many sinkholes, potholes and sinkholes. That is why, you have to keep your eyes focused ahead. If you are worried, drive a little slower.


  • Be observant when other drivers flash their bright lights at you

This Motorcycle tips is very important because at night, you will find that fast-moving cars often flash their bright lights to inform you that want to pass. So, keep focus and be aware and just move as far to the left as possible to avoid crash. During the daytime, if you see car flashes their bright lights, you need to slow down and take on the left side as far as possible because the lights mean that you are asked to get out of the way.


  • No official speed limits

You will never be pulled over because going too fast or too slow. However, you must be aware because most roads are full of vehicles, so going too fast is something dangerous.



  • Get a helmet with tinted visor

Such helmet helps your eyes block the sunlight. At night, tinted helmet helps you block bright lights since many Indonesia vehicles are modified with such crazy lights. Moreover, helmet is only necessary in big cities. Hopefully, these motorcycle tips are useful.