Many More Hostels are built in Lombok for Backpackers

Posted on 2017-02-05 00:59:35

As the fast growing of Tourism in Lombok, there are many more accommodations built for the Travelers to stay in Lombok. It is not only starred Hotels with high class services but also Hostels and lodges that are specially provided for backpackers. The Backpacker Hostels are available in many areas of Lombok; in Town, close to the Beach and also on the cliff with lush forest surroundings.

One of the most commonly developed today is the minimalist Residential Hostels. It is commonly found in the well-known Tourism Destinations of Lombok like Senggigi Beach close by Kila change to Merumatta Senggigi Hotel,also in Gili Trawangan,Gili Air and Gili meno there of Island and  many more hotel availabe.the owners of the Hostels specially provide the lodges for the backpackers that infatuate to Lombok Tourism so much.  

The lodges for backpackers are commonly built in the location near a Tourism Destination. each building commonly has some rooms and every room houses a few bunk beds for the traveler sharing with other travelers. Meanwhile, for those who need more privacy, you can choose a private room consisting one bed (additional bed by request). It means that the Hostel only provide beds for rent; not the room, except the privacy room.


The lodge concept highlights comfort but in lower prices for the travelers.each traveler only need to pay from IDR 150,000 to IDR 350,000 for every mattress.each room is simply facilitated with bathroom, fan, reading lamp, and comfortable mattress. Before occupying the room, every traveler must know that they should share the room with other guests as long as there is an empty bed inside. Except the traveler want to lease every mattress or renting the privacy room that is commonly doubled in price. Besides the cheap room, the backpacker Hostels also commonly provide affordable meals and snacks for the travelers. The Hostels offer one portion of main course about IDR 50.000-IDR 100,000 and the snacks and drinks could be cheaper. 


Lombok as a less crowded and eco-friendly Tourism destination is increasingly well-known in the world and gets more and more travelers every year. Many backpackers visit Lombok and they prefer to stay in hostels rather than star rated Hotels. To get many more guests to the Hostels, the owners commonly use the internet to market their Hostels; both Hotel booking platforms and websites. Backpackers are the main target of the Hostel owners.


For those who are going to stay in the Hostel, you don’t need to worry about the security because each room of the Hostel also provides lockers to store the traveler’s belongings. The travelers also don’t need to worry about the price because most Hostels give transparency of price list information including the bed rates, rental rates, café’s menu of meals and drinks, and more. So the travelers will not pay much higher than what they count in the trip budgeting only for the hidden costs. With the good quality of service, the owner of the Hostel is sure that the business will always develop by the time. The travelers need to read some reviews before choosing backpacker Hostels in good service and price.