Enjoy the Senggigi Charm Festival 2016

Posted on 2016-10-17 23:37:07

For you who want to have the greatest feeling during your Holiday, just come to Lombok Island. One of the events that will bring you home is the Senggigi Charm Festival 2016. This is the most wanted moment that you should know. You will have so many exciting events on this festival that will never make you regret. Lombok Island makes different theme and style for their permanent festival in every year. That is the reason why you will find special thing there. Senggigi will be the greatest place that will greet you to enjoy every destination that has prepared.


Senggigi Charm Festival 2016 will give different experience for you. Travel to Lombok Island will be never enough. On every parts of Senggigi will be the interesting spot to visit. The local government already prepare for the destination that will surprises you. All of the local people around Senggigi will join together for this special event. You should come there and enjoy together. Here is some list that you can enjoy for this festival. You can enjoy the boat parade by the local fishermen. You can also enjoy the attraction from the Gendang Beleg. Besides that, the local people will show you about the beauty of the traditional dance from Lombok.


This festival becomes the main attraction for tourism to come to Lombok Island especially Senggigi. You can also enjoy the folk entertainment that you never seen before. For this special festival, you can see more abour 100 boats that will join to the parade. They will make their boat as interesting as they can. They will be so happy to show their best to greet you in Senggigi. The festival will become the good point to introduce about Nusa Tenggara Barat(NTB) to the whole world.


During the festival, you can have 3 best spot to enjoy this event. You can enjoy the non stop entertainment there. The main spot is in the Senggigi Beach(Merumatta). This festival is ready to welcome to while enjoying the beauty of the beach scenery. After enjoying the attraction then you may visit every stand that available there. The stand will offer your some economic side of Senggigi like traditional product made by local people. You can also buy some traditional food from Lombok that you never meet before. Every single event will be announcement by using Bahasa Indonesia and English language.


The Senggigi traditional art market will become a place to show the art performance. The government will arrange about it very well to make you feel satisfied with the event. Lombok Island especially NTB will be so happy about this traditional event. It will make every people who come to Senggigi know well about the local people and their daily life. It will become a good way to have good interaction during your time in Lombok. When you cannot come to this Senggigi Charm Festival 2016 then you should come for the next year festival with different theme and style. Do not forget to capture for every meaningful moment about the event.