Nipah Beach Lombok, Fresh Grilled Fish and Magnificent Views

Posted on 2016-10-29 19:55:30

Most Tourists who visit Lombok Island know well about Senggigi Beach, but they may never heard about Nipah Beach Lombok. We have to tell you that Nipah Beach is not as popular as Senggigi but the beauty of this Beach is truly amazing and breathtaking. Many Tourists even call this beach as heaven on the earth. Visiting this beautiful beach will surely make your Lombok vacation and holiday more unforgettable. You may never want to leave the Beach because its peacefulness brings something you cannot find in any other places.


Not only its magnificent views because this Beach is also offering unique experience. One of the interesting activities you can do here in Nipah is that you can enjoy fresh grilled fish at one of the Beachfront restaurants and food stalls. Nipah Beach is also great choice for honeymoon because not many tourists come to the Beach, so it is quieter than Gili Trawangan,Gili Air ,Gili Meno or Senggigi. 


Nipah Beach Lombok is located in the northern side of Lombok Island or in the up north of Senggigi Beach. Nipah is not far from Senggigi, so you can reach it without have to spend too much time. It only takes about 15-20 minutes by car or motorcycle from Senggigi Beach to reach Nipah. You do not have to worry because the location of the white sanded Beach is easy to find. 


The access to Nipah Beach is quite good and is passable by a car. However, if you tend to suffer carsick, you have to be aware because the trip to the beautiful beach will pass some winding, up and down roads. But, you will be spoiled by lovely green hills during the journey. At the end of the trip, you will find a road sign “Nipah Beach” shows the direct access to the Beach.


If you are entering the Beach area, you will directly see an amazing Beach with its white sand, clear blue water and many small boats parked along the Beach. Nipah Beach does not require visitors to pay entrance ticket, but you still have to pay the parking cost 15-20k.


Nipah Beach Lombok is less popular than other Beaches in Lombok because there are not many resorts built in the Beach area. Local villagers around the Beach work as fishermen who are keeping traditional techniques for catching fishes. Most tourists may not be familiar with Beach. However, the white sanded Beach has been so popular among fishing lovers, especially they who love seafood. It is because they can enjoy delicious fresh grilled fish here near street. It is something that will never be found in any other Beaches.


Nipah Beach is also well-known for its cooler atmosphere than any other Beaches in Lombok Island. It is because green trees were planted surrounding the Beach and become such a green wall. Those trees give more shade to the beach so that the temperature becomes much cooler. Beside its beautiful views and seafood experience, Nipah Beach is also popular for its sunset, just like Senggigi for enjoy of beach