Lombok Won Three Championships in the Event ‘World Halal Tourism Awards 2016’

Posted on 2017-02-05 00:58:04

For some time past, Lombok proved themselves by winning three nominations that followed in the event the World Halal Tourism Awards 2016 held in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates Arab. The third nomination was the World's Best Halal Beach Resort achieved by Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas in Kuta Lombok,World's Best Halal Honeymoon Destination achieved by Sembalun north of Lombok and World's Best Halal Tourism Website achieved by Lombok-Sumbawa. Lombok awards achieved a repetition achievement as in the previous year won two categories: World's Best Honeymoon Destination Halal and Halal World's Best Tourism Destination in the arena of the World Halal Travel Summit and Exhibition 2015.


In a world-class prestigious event, there were 16 categories where Indonesia sent 12 representatives to attend the 12 categories of the championship and it turned out that all of them managed to become the winner of Indonesia was named the overall champion in the event. Of the twelve categories, Lombok follows the three categories and all of them won first prize. Tourism Ministry of Nusa Tenggara Barat Province revealed that the achievements, it inevitably will further strengthen all elements of society and government to increase the tourism potential in the region, especially Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. The achievement is also the result of hard work and cooperation by all elements.


Of course, a proud achievement that was achieved by Lombok in the event the World Halal Tourism Awards 2016 must also not only through the process easy and simple. This accomplishment can be achieved with effort and a long process. Lombok awards achieved certainly provide many things to be learned. First, this award reinforces the perception of the world the truth about the popularity of Lombok. In addition, this award is a testament of the hard work and cooperation undertaken by the government, Tourism entrepreneurs and the public so that Lombok was able to get a respectable place in the field of world Tourism. The next point is this award can also be a new challenge and responsibilities for Lombok in treading the world Tourism levels are far beyond Bali as its nearest competitor. Furthermore, this could also further strengthen the commitment in supporting and promoting Halal Tourism.


The accomplishments achieved, it certainly can make Lombok as one of Tourist Destinations of choice for many foreign Tourists, especially from various Muslim country. This is why Lombok is also necessary to develop a number of supporting factors ranging from the presence of Halal Tourism industry side, the local government policies, as well as promotions. Policy makers should set up various supports such as infrastructure, human resources, and other supporting facilities in order to bring kosher travel Destinations comfortable and enjoyable for all travelers. All these efforts are certainly not just the responsibility of government or Tour manager. With the awards achieved Lombok in the world arena, it would need the support of all elements of society to become more concerned about the territory that is sure to be more and more tourists.


Of course, achievements that were achieved by Lombok in the event of World Halal Tourism Awards 2016 will also encourage other regions to further improve the quality of Tourism in the area both from the amenities, comfort, or otherwise. Indonesia is very rich on attractive Tourist spots can seize the attention of the world with a variety of exoticism and uniqueness offered. It certainly requires the cooperation and hard work of all elements of the government began to society.